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Kaizen Management Services   改善管理咨询服务

Continuing Improvement involving Everyone for Business Efficiency



Who we are

Kaizen Management Services (KMS) was founded in 1990 by Principal Consultant, Raymond Phua.

We are a leading management training and consulting firm with over 25 years of experience providing customized and effective solutions and implementing continuing improvement to organizations for greater business efficiency and performance. 


Our Mission Statement

KMS exists to deliver assistance and support to our clients as they strive for excellence.   We do this by objective analysis of their problems and external factors and by recommending and implementing result-oriented solutions based on the consulting skills and experience gained over many years for clients in various industries.

Raymond Phua
Founder and Principal Consultant

Practising Management Consultant, Singapore PMC Certification,MBA (UK), Certified Management Consultant (JPC, Japan), Fellow Member, IMS (UK), Euro IE, Certified Kaizen Instructor (ChuSanRen, Japan), ACTA (Facilitated & OJT, WDA, Singapore), Dip Mgt Services (UK), Dip Ind Mgt (UK), Dip Prod E., Reg Auditor (UK), Productivity Manager Programme (SME Centre, SPRING Singapore)

Raymond Phua is a Registered Practising Management Consultant and Trainer in productivity management from the Japan Productivity Center under the Singapore Productivity Development Project Fellowship Training Award by the Singapore & Japanese Governments.  He is also a Certified Kaizen Instructor by the Central Japan Industries Association  (ChuSanRen, 中産連, Nagoya, Japan). He has over 25 years of experience in management consulting and training in the areas of quality and productivity improvement and business efficiency and has helped many organizations improved their business performance. These include Productivity Improvement, Strategic Business Planning, ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, OHSAS 18001, BizSafe3, Quality Circles/WITs, SPC, TQM/TQP, COQ, Lean Production, Kaizen events, Structured OJT, 5S Good Housekeeping, JIT production systems, Rapid Set-up, TPM, and last but not least Re-design of Workplace and Production & Management Systems.  As a Certified Trainer and Assessor from WDA, he has also conducted many WDA’s WSQ courses. 


Raymond was appointed by SPRING Singapore as a Productivity Manager at the SME Centre at SCCCI, SMCCI & ASME from October 2010 to July 2014, to provide assistance to SMEs in implementing productivity improvement projects. His role included conducting productivity workshops, productivity measurement and analysis, and developing roadmaps for SME productivity improvement.  He has guided many SMEs in the implementation of productivity improvement such as good housekeeping practices and waste reduction activities including work improvement and process re-design projects which has resulted in substantial savings and intangible benefits. Some of his successful cases for SMEs were featured in the SPRING Singapore’s publicity series such as the Mediacorp, Strait Times, Lian He ZaoBao, Radio 95.8 and PMC Connect.

From 1990 to 2006, he was actively involved in the training and development of management consultants on productivity improvement under the JICA/PSB Advanced Management Consultancy Programme and AOTS seminars for third countries participants for more than 20 batches. In 1999, he was appointed a Resident Consultant and Master Trainer on Reducing National Cost of Quality (NCOQ) initiative to SPRING Singapore and helped many SMEs improve their productivity by reducing the COQ.  He was awarded a Letter of Commendation from SPRING Singapore for his high contribution for a productivity improvement project on Reducing the Cost of Quality for a company

From 1999 to 2003, Raymond, in partnership with a Japanese International Consultant, coached Managers and Executives from ST Kinetics and ST Electronics for five runs in their Kaizen Week, where Kaizen Teams were formed to measure, analyze and implement improved measures to meet the organizations’ objectives with substantial savings and improved productivity performance.


Prior to starting his present firm, he was a Consultant for two years with the Automation Applications Centre, a consultancy arm set up by the EDB and Singapore Technologies.  He has also worked as an Engineer for about eight years in Chartered Industries of Singapore and in an electronics multi-national corporation in various functions such as industrial engineering, production planning & control, product design, automation & mechanization and process engineering.  


He is presently an approved Service Provider for the Innovation Capability Voucher, (ICV) in Productivity Capability administered by SPRING Singapore to help SMEs in its capability upgrading.

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